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Hacking Self Storage

Oct 31, 2019

Katie is driving force behind Storage Boast ... The winners of the 2019 Independent Self Storage Facility of the year. 

Katie Vost is the Operations Director at Storage Boost. She has 14 years of experience in the Self-Storage industry. She’s also responsible for developing a startup business into a successful,...

Oct 29, 2019

Love doing these ... Not a great week for reservations or figures in general but a great and enjoyable week all the same!

2 big takeaways for me that I think you will love .. Thought provoking .. Well for me anyway :-)



Oct 25, 2019

Wow ... I really let my hair down in this podcast .... I went all in! 

Hopefully you will stick around to the very end as I have some motivational content that I believe not only will help your personal life but also your work life. 

Let me know what you think ...

Oct 23, 2019

Emma is an acquisitions and development manager at Storage King. She has been part of the company since 2011.

Emma is married, has one and a half year old daughter and has another one on the way. Also they have two dogs called Oscar and Annie.

On today’s podcast

1:06 – How Emma became an acquisitions manager?


Oct 21, 2019

I loved speaking to Fred in this episode and im sure listening will get something out of this episode. 

Fred is a multiple award winning self storage professional, with experience ranging from start-up to successfully building and managing assets for third parties. A former Chairman of the SSA UK & Vice President of...