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Hacking Self Storage

Dec 30, 2019

Hope you guys have an awesome Christmas!! 

To be honest even though we have lost more square foot I dont think it was a bad week. 

Enjoy and HAPPY NEW YEAR! 


Dec 28, 2019

I loved spending the morning drafting out what we do to stand out for our customers. 

In this episode I go through my top 10 customer care tips that will make your facility stand out in your town or city. 

Just keep asking the question ... How can I do more for my customers and you wont go far wrong 


Dec 23, 2019

Been a very interesting week, the quotes have been good, the revenue has been good but the move ins and conversions have been poor

I review a book called Double Double. The book is well worth a read and I also mention a self storage master mind that I have been invited to ... Exciting times ahead 

Have a  blooming...

Dec 19, 2019

Christel Friberg Land specialises in business coaching and consultancy in the areas of sales, marketing, and operations. She works primarily with small and medium-sized businesses in a variety of industries but has developed a specialism in self-storage over the years.

On today’s Podcast

02:34 – Getting to know...

Dec 16, 2019

Another week has past, how was your week in storage?

We had some great KPIs and some not so great KPIs ... Our quotes were fantastic, the revenue was excellent but the move ins were poor meaning we were in a negative position with the Sq Ft

Have a super duper week