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Hacking Self Storage

Jan 30, 2020

Bridging the Gap Between Self-Storage Automation and Customer Service
Automated self-storage facilities are becoming increasingly popular. We're seeing more and more self-storage owners and operators take advantage of this technology with advanced Smart Entry systems providing tenants a fully automated rental...

Jan 27, 2020

Good morning Store Nation 

Cant wait for you to listen to this episode .... I talk about 

- Been so bullish about the future

- 16 Reservations 

- Importance of Insurance 

- No Bounced DDs

- Quote of the week

And so so much more 



Jan 23, 2020

Timothy Brant-Coles is the founder and owner of Brant Group. He’s also the founder of Brant Self Storage and Removals.

With a £2,000 legacy from his grandfather, he bought a piece of land outside the town and two small containers to start his own company.

On today’s Podcast

01:40 – Getting to know...

Jan 20, 2020


So last week was a really interesting week in more ways than one ... Quotes are massively up but Conversions are less than we expect

We had to evict a customer ... Never a nice thing to do but I tell all in the podcast 




Jan 16, 2020

Martin Bazeley is the owner of Barn-Store, an independent family-run household storage company. 


Martin and his wife, Audrey, and their three children live in the farmhouse at Offwell Farm and therefore on hand to oversee the Barn Store site. 


Martin also runs his own Suthwyk Ales business -- with barley grown on...