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Hacking Self Storage

Jul 27, 2020

Another week another positive week in terms of sq ft

Some great takeaways and lessons learnt this week


Jul 20, 2020

We’ve had a great week … loads of move-ins, loads of reservations but the revue was the only negative for the week

I also go in to a deep dive about price increases and why they are nothing to be scared of


Jul 17, 2020

Wow …. I go deep into the monthly figures for June

Its been an interesting month, a best-ever month for quotes but we have lost a year's worth of growth. Anyway I spill it all in this episode


Loads of storage love


Jul 13, 2020

Hey Store Nation!

We smashed it this week

Over 50 quotes and over 1000 sq ft of move-ins.


Loads of storage love,


Jul 9, 2020

In this podcast, I take a look at how CV19 affected our facility. We compare different quarters and different periods and get to the bottom of how CV19 has affected us